Porto’s Bakery and Cafe: My Favorite Cuban Bakery

portos-collage-burbankSo if you have ever been to L.A., specifically the San Fernando Valley, I hope you have heard of Porto’s Bakery and Cafe, a real-deal Cuban bakery that never ceases to amaze me. Everything is baked fresh daily, but sooo much of it! You see trays of fresh treats constantly coming out and just the other day I was buying bread and it was still warm from the oven. Delicious! If absolutely scrumptious smelling desserts(I haven’t eaten gotten to the savory) doesn’t make you want to check this place out, than the prices will. Since they mass produce all the pastries(and trust there is always a line), they are able to sell them for an extremely affordable price. A plain croissant is just a $1.15(wow). Now, I said there is always a long line, but they also have what must be a few dozen employees taking down your order so it goes relatively quickly. Since everyone always orders a few boxes of goodies, these people have amazing memories, I swear. They are so efficient and remember your whole order.BREAD CIABATTA

Before I get to my special favorites, I will mention the coconut glaze which is like a macaroon covered in candied sugar. I just sigh eating it. Plus, the cases are at least 20 ft. long and hold anything from croissants to cheesecake slices beautifully decorated to ready-made cakes which are all so moist and flavorful.

I should probably mention some key foods that I think everyone should try. Their guava and cheese pastry is like heaven in your mouth. The sweetness from the guava and the salty from the cheese tucked inside a buttery, flaky dough is AMAZING! And it’s only $0.75! It is probably about 4 in. long, nothing to complain about. I wish I could better describe the happiness that comes from biting into one in the morning and feeling the crunch of the pastry and then the exotic, creaminess of the flavor combination. I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself. And in case you don’t know, in South America(especially Brazil) Cheese and Guava is a popular flavor combination called Romeo and Julietta(because the 2 flavors can’t live without eachother). Guava Cheese DZ

A little more on the savory side, there is the feta and spinach croissant pastry. I’ll keep it quick and just say their croissant dough is rich and flaky. Perfect. And you can never go wrong with spinach and feta. I always get it when I try to convince myself that a pastry is healthy;) Spinach Feta CroissantThere are also their plantain chips which are seasoned just right, crunch in your mouth and are cut length wise so they are fun to hold. And they come with all their sandwiches which are made on their homemade bread!

My favorite sandwich with plantain chips!
My favorite sandwich with plantain chips!

Now, for any meat-eaters out there: I personally have never tried their meat dishes, but everyone I know loves their potato balls and all their sandwiches. I’m pretty sure they have home-roasted pork. Everything looks good and fresh. ‘Nuff said.

Finally, they have wonderful coffee and did I forget to mention FLAN. $8 for an 8 in. flan. And I can personally attest to its creaminess. On a final note, they are fresh, high-quality, inexpensive(I’ve come out with 3 boxes full for under $25) and just full of drool-inducing cases with various goodies calling your name. And of course, the atmosphere: just bustling with people. I always feel a rush walking in! Berry IND MILK N BERRY_0 IND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE mango mousse milk n berries   *Please Note: All photos taken from the Porto’s Bakery website. I do not own these pictures. If you would like to the link to where these photos were found, click here.


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