Homemade Raw Cashew Butter

Raw Cashew ButterSo I was really trying to find something to do with some leftover raw cashews. I had eaten half the bag, but then I felt guilty  eating them just plain(although delicious) knowing that they are such a versatile ingredient: great for vegans, tasty when roasted…and then I thought of cashew butter. I mean there is the commonly known peanut butter and the up and coming almond butter; so why not cashew butter. I will tell you now that it is wonderfully creamy and really retains the nuttiness that we all love. Plus, it’s healthy because think of all the healthy fats in nuts(no added oils) and few carbs(you can even make it sodium free!)  On top of that, it could not be easier to make. All you need is a food processor, cashews and a little bit of time. Let’s get started:

P1010739For starters, you’ll need raw cashews. They can be whole or pieces. If use cashew pieces it will save you time because you’ll need to roughly chop them anyway(it makes it easier on the food processor). I used raw cashews because that is what I had, but you could definitely use roasted cashews(just don’t use salted–you’ll end up with very salty butter). Just keep in mind the taste will change depending on if you’re using raw or roasted.  So as you’re pureeing, you should start to get what resemble crumbles about a minute in. cashew powder

Next in the progression of cashew butter making, comes the doughy stage. It starts off as dough crumbles and then starts to unify.  This is where you start thinking yay, almost there! Don’t be fooled you’re only a few minutes in. It takes a good 8 minutes at least to make the butter. As you’re doing this, be sure to periodically scrape down the sides so everything gets blended equally. Cashew DoughYou’re almost there! Can you smell the nuttiness coming off the food processor? It’s because the cashews are being heated from the friction of the blades spinning! It smells so good(wait ’till you try it)! After about 8-10 minutes you’re troubles should be rewarded. Is that smooth, nutty, spreadable butter I am seeing?

Fresh Cashew butter

I know you want to try some(if you haven’t yet) and you should because it is still warm and the nutty aromas are probably tingling your senses. It’s yummy, right? Now, I must say I personally love just spreading it on some sliced pears or apples: a delicious and healthy treat!


Homemade Raw Cashew Butter (yields 1/2 cup)


1 cup raw cashews(whole or chopped)

1/8 tsp. salt(optional)



1. Measure out 1 cup cashews and chop into pieces, if not using pre-chopped cashews

2. put cashews in a food processor and puree. This process takes upwards of about 8 minutes. Be sure to scrape downsides often. If the food processor starts to become hot, let it cool down for a minute or so.

3. Blend in salt if desired for a few seconds and then transfer into a dry container.Finished Cashew Butter


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